Save life on earth

World Wildlife fund is a wild life conservation organisation aiming at saving the environment and endangered species from extinction and make people aware about them by joining campaigns through out the world in saving natural resources there by helping various plant and animal species survive.

WWF mission statement is ” to stop degradation of planets natural resources and to build a future where humans can live in harmony with other species and nature.

One of the successful programs adopted by WWF is the panda project in China.

The giant  Panda is one of the endangered species in china and successful programs were devised to make people aware of their habitat and the way the giant panda behaves in conjunction with humans.

It gives birth to only one cub at a time, so saving the offspring is of  atmost importance.Also it feeds on one type of bamboo. So forest degradation would reduce its food and becomes a threat to its habitat since there will be nothing for the panda to it.With successful campaining and awareness among the people the government along with WWF has been successful in helping save the panda from extinction……..

you can find more information of World Wild life fund on and you can campaign for the various campaigns through out the world using your own WWF passport.You can get your own passport at

All the very best and help save the environment as we are obliged to do so, otherwise we will have to face dire consequences in future!


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