The challenge of Global Warming

Global warming is the climatic challenge that EARTH is facing now.

It has resulted in the Ozone layer being depleted causing havoc on earth.One of the major effects of global warming is the rise in sea level causing small islands to get extinct.

There has been an increase in typhoons, storms all across the world causing a lot of damage to the economy.There has been a climatic shift in the seasonal weather due to the amount of co2 in the atmosphere.

One of the major drawbacks of faster industrialization is global warming.

Developed countries like USA,UK,GERMANY,EUROPEAN COUNTRIES and developing countries like INDIA, CHINA are contributing a lot to global warming.They should cut down on their emmisions.

The artic and antartarctic regions are facing a problem of melt down there by affecting the habitats of polar bears, seals, penguins which need cold climate to survive.


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