Any species or organism whose population is risking extinction due to less in number or being subjected to being extinct due to change in their habitation or environment are considered to be endangered species. Many countries have made laws for the protection of wildlife which are under extinction. But even though there are laws and regulations into illegal hunting, poaching of endangered species people do get away with serious crimes. One of the examples in INDIA is the case of the TIGER, whose numbers have dwindled to as low as a few thousand all over the country. IUCN (International Union for conservation of nature) is an internationally recognized organization which has stated the endangered species make up for 40% of the total living things. It has prepared a REDLIST to mention the status of a species that is under conservation. IUCN categorizes endangered species as extinct, endangered, vulnerable, and extinct in the wild, critically endangered, conservation dependent, near threatened, least concern.  


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