The 1411 indicates the number of tigers living in the wild in India.They are in protected as well as natural habitats.During the last century there were an estimated 40000 tigers in India.But to demand for Tiger skin and parts from china they have been poached.Now the figure is at a dismal 1411.Its the time to act fast,otherwise the national animal of India would become extinct.The government has failed in monitoring or protecting the tiger.A tigress gives birth to a couple of cubs and when there is poaching and habitat destruction there is a fear of loosing them when they are young.The task force put up by the government is not equipped enough technologically or armed properly to track the tigers and the poachers.Human expansion in the forests is also a cause for concern as the habitat of other wild life is destroyed and the food for the tiger is scarce.This is the time to act.

So please act fast,spread the word……..please visit http://www.saveourtigers.com/ and show your support,blog,share so that enough can be done to protect our national animal.


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