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Plastic covers/bags which are less in thickness are banned but people still use them with out any hesitation.

These plastics which are less in micron thickness will clog the drains.

Please suggest any remedies on how to educate people on such a serious issue.


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Wonder fruit

Lemons are wonderful , since they put life into what ever they are part of.

They are a wonder fruit since they have many medicinal properties.

A glass of Luke warm water with 1/2 squeezed lemon will flush out toxins from the stomach and makes you refreshed.

Having this early in the morning on empty stomach will work wonders.

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What is this flowers name?

What is the name of the flower in the attached image?

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Ozone Layer

As per the latest news there has been an improvement in the ozone layer.The ozone hole has decreased a little.

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World Environment Day

Environment Protection

Are you up for it?

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Renewable sources of energy







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Summer in India

Its January end in 2012  and already there are glimpses of the weather changing to being hot as summer is approaching.

It has been a rather cold winter here in India.
Perhaps there is some noticeable change in the weather pattern in India.

Perhaps, we need to have an eye on the changing weather patterns due to global warming.

Lets see how hot it will be this summer…….

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