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United nations climate change conference has started in Copenhagen to discuss the reasons and effects of climate change on

all nations from 07December 2009 to 18 December 2009.

The effort being put forward by developing and developed nations and their commitment through emission cuts and

reducing green house gases will be discussed and the policy binding decisions taken by various nations will be scrutinized.

The impact of such a decision to cut emissions on a nation’s development will also be debated.


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Plastics a real threat

Threat of plastics Plastics are non-biodegradable; hence they cannot be permanently removed. In some cases only they can be recycled. Normally a plastic bag of non-biodegradable nature would take around 2000 years for it be destroyed, till then it would remain as junk. Plastics involves large-scale pollution, releasing potent chemicals such as dioxins, phthalates and toxic metals into our environment; and affecting human, animal, plant and aquatic life. Through out the lifecycle plastics are non-sustainable, environmentally hazardous and disastrous. Plastic is given different qualities through treatment with other terrifying chemicals, all of which can come out of the individual products and into air, Water or something in close proximity to the plastic. Most food we eat is packed in polystyrene trays, which are un-biodegradable. Fragments very tiny in nature are accumulating in rivers, sea and oceans causing havoc among the aquatic species. Some species of turtles are eating these plastic garbage thinking of them as food and there by getting poisoned. If the plastics are burnt, they release harmful chemical gases. Studies have found that phthalates found in plastics such as Clingfilm, vinyl can cross the placenta damaging the sexual development of male children there by causing physical and behavioral problems. Plastics cause asthma, eczema and other allergies due to use in house hold items. Toys used by small children contain plastics and they run the risk of getting poisoned. They are also cause for many cancers, immune problems, and infertility among young people. So we can reduce these problems by carrying cloth bags and baskets along with us while shopping for food and other items. Use unbleached paper bags, which can be recycled. Say “NO” to shopkeepers packing items for sale in plastic bags, insist on a paper bag or carry a cloth bag instead.

please act now to save the planet from his hazardous junk.

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