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Reach World Leaders at COP15

please send Greetings to world leaders at the Climate change conference in Copenhagen.

Express your point of view.

Please visit


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Save Environment

please do your bit to save the environment from hazards that are caused due to man. please educate and share what ever information you have in the conservation and protection of wildlife and natural resources on earth.

Please make it a point to support in what ever way you ca. You can campaign through your website, share information with your friends or create a blog like mine and share information on the web.

people will appreciate your work, you can be proud of your work.

So start campaigning for the sake of the planet.

Thank you……….

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World Environment day-June5

June5 is world environment day. I would like to remind people of the important day in ” the mission to save the environment from hazards arising as a result of human intervention with nature.” please make a note of the date and make an effort to raise your voice against every move that hampers our environment,there by harming all the species of animals and plants including ours.

It is important to make people aware of the fact that this negligence cannot be tolerated for long.political parties and their representatives through out the world would care for their votes from people.We should force them to take decisions, very tough decisions and impose sanctions against offenders who violate laws laid under protection of wild life and saving the environment from degrading.

Make it a point to tell all your friends………

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